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"It's Monday and the South is rising"
“It’s Monday and the South is rising”

“It’s Monday and the South is rising” from Jonathan Michels on Vimeo. North Carolina has a strong history of people fighting for social justice from Reconstruction to the civil rights movement. The most current incarnation of this struggle is the Moral Monday movement. During the summer of 2013, seasoned a…


Breaking the 'wicked silence'
Breaking the ‘wicked silence’

Article originally published in Triad City Beat on June 18, 2014. Original article can be found here. Until 40 years ago, the state of North Carolina forcibly sterilized poor people. The Winston-Salem Journal exposed the story that was right under everybody‚Äôs noses in 2002. Now, victims are finally getting compensation, b…


Grant for oral history transcriptions
Grant for oral history transcriptions

I was recently been awarded a grant by the Southern Oral History Project at the Center for the Study of the American South to transcribe several of my oral history interviews about the Moral Monday movement. Interviewees include Timothy Tyson, Nancy Petty, Al McSurely, John Mendez and other participants in the movement that…