Take the “chronicler’s vow”

“Write it well and they will come.”

That’s the general theme of a blog post I’m writing for reesefelts.org. In this content rich and minutia infested world we’re living in, telling a good story is still important.

David Simon’s Homicide drove that into my head a few months ago. Simon didn’t just spend a year with a Baltimore homicide unit, he chronicled their lives. He blended into the background until he was nothing more than a flicker in the corners of their eyes.

Twenty years later, his examination into the life of a homicide detective has yet to be dethroned.

He saw. He heard. He wrote and reported. He chronicled.

In his foreword for the anniversary edition, writer Richard Price crystallized the mindset of the chronicler:

“As a chronicler I will honor you with the faithful reporting of what I see and hear while a guest in the house of your life. As for how you come off, you dig your own grave or build your own monument by being who you are, so good luck and thanks for your time.”

I’ve taken the vow. It’s my hope that more reporters take a stand for good storytelling

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