My first published article, “Why Student Technologists Are Important”

My first article addressed the need for student radiologic (x-ray) technologists to work in hospitals. I worked as a student technologist for more than a year at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC before I transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill.

When I entered the radiology program at Forsyth Technical Community College, both Forsyth Medical Center and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center had strong track records of working alongside the college by employing student technologists from the radiology program.

Even though students are required to complete a specific amount of hours in a clinical setting, working as a student technologist gives students invaluable experience beyond what they learn in clinicals.

Many of the technologists at Forsyth worked as students before graduating. Some admitted that they owed their experience and their first jobs to their student positions.

In 2009 there were rumors that Forsyth’s radiology department wouldn’t continue to hire student technologists, citing departmental budget cuts due to the poor economy. I was alarmed.

Here’s an article that I wrote in response to the cutbacks. It was published in Scanner Magazine by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Currently, there are no plans to employ student technologists at Forsyth Medical Center.

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